Enter the world of YUMI, become a Yumician, and offer the keratin lash treatment with breathtaking results.

In order to be a certified Yumician, you need to undergo a intensive 1-day
course where you will learn about the techniques, tips and tricks from our
certified Master Trainer. You will learn how to perform the perfect
treatment, taking into consideration the different types of lash structure, lash
length, eye shapes, and customers’ preferences. Each student will receive a
Starter Kit and a personalised certificate with their picture on it.

After the class, you will be fully ready to work with clients. Only YUMI Lashes certified technicians will be able to purchase, use, and offer YUMI Lashes services.

Our Classes


  • New format class – hybrid of our face-to-face and private class
  • Everything is included from the face-to-face classes
  • Ideal for technicians with experience
  • At the convenience of your own space

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  • Our most popular class offering
  • Maximum of 4 students
  • Face-to-face with our Master Trainer
  • Guided training with instant feedback during lash lifting on model
  • Beginner friendly
  • At our provided studio

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  • Most personalised class offering
  • Ideal for salons and aspiring beauticians
  • Guided training with targeted feedback during lash lifting on model
  • Better student to teacher ratio
  • At the convenience of your own space

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All classes include 1 YUMI Lashes Starter Kit per person. For use up to 30 clients.